A New Body - Dick Underwood

A Semi Religious Funeral Reading

God has provided a physical body with which to live this physical life,
but eventually, through age, infirmity, injury or illness, our body becomes so worn or damaged that it is no longer capable of sustaining our life.
At that moment, God allows us to lay our physical bodies down, and he provides us with a new, Spiritual, Body.
Our physical body is confined by time.
We are confined to our physical limits.
We only get a fleeting glimpse of things spiritual.
Our new, Spiritual, Body has no limits.
We are able to see the fullness of Spiritual things.
The fullness of God's love.
The fullness of God's joy.
The fullness of God's peace.
So we are not sad because of the death of our loved one but we are sad because of our loss, not theirs.
Within the limits of your physical bodies, within the limits of your physical experience, i pray that you will receive a glimpse of the love, joy, and peace of God that now surrounds and in-fills your loved one.

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