Repatriation Glossary of Terms

Air Waybill  (AWB)                                      

A document issued by a carrier giving details and instructions relating to the shipment of a consignment of goods. Typically it will show the names of the consignor and consignee, the point of origin of the consignment, its destination, and route.

Charter Flight (Private Charter Flight)

A flight booked by a group or consortium responsible for all the seats on the flight

Death Certificate

Once a death has been registered, you will usually receive a Death Certificate. This is the starting point of the repatriation process. If an Interim Certificate is issued by the Coroner, you will not receive a Death Certificate.


The restoration of the deceased's dignity, enabling loved ones to view the body safely and with no unpleasantness or embarrassment. Embalming is usually mandatory for repatriations due to the additional time involved. Exceptions can sometimes be made on faith grounds.

Embassy Approval

This is where consular staff in some countries, inspect the coffin and seal it before it leaves the country.

Freedom From Infection (FFI) Certificate

An FFI certificate is required to allow a deceased person to leave the United Kingdom. If the deceased is not free from infection, then a separate document can be issued that states that the remains are in a sanitary condition and present no public risk. This is produced following specialist embalming.

Hermetic Seal

Coffins and caskets used for repatriation must have a hermetic (air tight) seal. This is most often achieved using a zinc lining.


International Air Transport Association, the global trade association for the airline industry.

Incoming Repatriation

When the deceased dies abroad and is repatriated to the UK for the funeral.

Interim Certificate

If the Coroner decides an inquest is required, you will be issued with an Interim Certificate instead of a Death Certificate.

Outgoing Repatriation

When the deceased dies in the UK and is repatriated to another country for the funeral.

Out of England (OOE) Certificate

Required to allow the deceased to be removed from the United Kingdom. Can be applied for once a copy of the Death Certificate or Interim Certificate is available. Known as Form 104.


Some destination countries require the deceased's passport or ID card.

Removal Notice - Form 104

Required when the body is going to be moved out of England and Wales. Also called the ‘Out of England' form. The funeral director can collect this on your behalf.

Scheduled Flight

A plane service that leaves at a regular time each day or week.


An official document only required for repatriations to Nigeria.

Zinc Lining

Zinc linings are used for repatriation coffins to provide the airtight seal required by the airline carriers. Zinc is used because it doesn't prevent security checks by X-ray machines.

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