The Death Of Someone We Love

The death of someone we love and care about
Is like the death of part of us.
No one else will ever call out from within us
Quite the same responses, the same feelings or actions or ideas.
Their death is an ending of one part of a story.
Lord as we look back over - - - - - - - -'s life
We ask what we have received, what we can appropriate

And continue on in our own lives and what must be laid to rest.
Our love for his/her reminds us that our sharing
In one another's lives brings both support and pain.
Our being parted from him/her reminds us of our own mortality
And that your love is enduring.

We thank you that our love for - - - - - - - draws us together
And gives us a new appreciation of one another
And of the beauty and fragility of relationships
Which mirror your grace and goodness to us.

Lord, time's tide may wash his/her footprints from the shore
But not our love for him/her nor the influence of his/her life upon our own
Nor the ways in which they will ever be a sign for us
Of those things which really matter-which are eternal.
Hear this prayer for your love's sake.

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