QR Codes

QR stands for Quick Response code. QR codes act like supercharged barcodes. They can store a significant amount of information and link smartphone users to online sites. This is an increasingly popular trend in Australia, the UK and USA for use with burial sites. QR codes are increasingly popular and are simple to use. All you need is a free app on your tablet or phone that can scan/read the QR code. Aim the device at the QR code placing it between the scan lines in the app. The app reads the information encoded into the QR code. It will then launch a website which contains a biography of the deceased. The page can include a profile of the person, videos, and photographs of them together with tributes from family and friends.  The QR code should be created on material such that it can withstand weathering.

QR Codes – How they work

  1. A unique QR code is created. When scanned it will links to a specific page on the site hosting the memorial information.
  2. The QR code is cut into stone, metal or is printed onto a grave marker. It is put into the headstone or on the marker near to the grave.
  3. The individual pages describing the life of the loved one are created. This could be one or several pages long. It can include text, photos and videos.
  4. On scanning the code the QR takes the user directly to the loved one’s tribute/memorial page.

Benefits of using a QR code with a Memorial/Headstone

  • Does not affect the aesthetics of the memorial
  • Simple to incorporate permanently into a memorial using laser etching
  • Material used for the QR code can be selected to be sympathetic to the memorial
  • The QR code can be replaced if it gets damaged by weathering
  • Loved ones can use a password to create and update the website with pictures, poems, letters, videos, comments and memories
  • QR codes can be added to memorials and tribute plaques on benches as well as on graves.

The QR code could be printed in the Order of Service or on cards that are handed out at the funeral. The QR code can provide funeral information, the Order of Service, hymns, photos, prayers and videos

Do not engrave it into a headstone

Whilst QR codes can be cut into granite it is advisable to use a QR code laser etched into metal. This will be much longer lasting. The insert with the QR code should be flush with the headstone. A typical size is 1.5 inches square. Typically this is a stainless steel plate with a black and white or black and silver code printed on it.

Technology moves fast and a QR code could be oild technology is a few years. So do not permanently engrave it into a headstone as you would not be able to change it easily. Also if the QR code is damaged, or the QR hosting company goes out of business the code will become completely useless. You need to have flexibility so that under those circumstances you can change where the QR code is pointing to.

QR Code Points to Consider

  • Have a proper constructed home page. It must be designed to be mobile friendly since the code will more than likely be scanned by a phone or tablet.
  • Engage the person on the home page so that they want to read more about the person.
  • Make sure that the page can be easily read on a phone or tablet.
  • Include Instructions nearby on how to use the QR Code. Some people may not know how to use it. Instructions could be on a grave marker rather than incorporated with the QR code.

How to Create QR Codes

If you are not using a QR production company then there are plenty of free services available on the internet to generate them. Search for QR codes.

QR Codes in Keepsakes

QR codes can be printed on Keepsakes, such as a crystal block which can hold a tea light can also be used to remember a loved one. 

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