image of the suns raus through clouds in a blue skyI answer the heroic question
'Death, where is thy sting?' with 'it is here in my heart and mind and memories'.


Semi-Religious Funeral Poetry

two candles below a sunburst sky
In Peace Go Home

Alan Pemberton

Through veils of peace may you ascend
To promised planes above
Where comfort shall await you
In those summerlands of love

Although my grief is deep and raw
Although my pain is great
I know that you are still with me
I know that you will wait

For in God's time we'll meet again
Of this I am quite sure
I loved you so much on this earth
In absence even more

Semi-Religious Funeral Poetry - Welcome

Welcome to our collection of semi-religious funeral poetry, a collection which you may have guessed by the title that contains funeral poetry which mostly has just a touch of spiritual or religious content, or occasionally both.

There are some truly beautiful poems in this collection of semi-religious funeral poetry, so if you are browsing as a person of faith we are sure you will find lots of suitable and inspiring poems for your consideration.

If you are here as a person without a religious faith, then we suspect you were tempted by the "semi-religious" part of the title and perhaps you are hoping to find a poem that has a more low key religious aspect or approach, in which case there is some suitable poetry here for you also, but you will just have to be a little more adventurous in your browsing and examine the poetry from an alternative view.

We would like to suggest to you that almost all the poetry featured in this collection is suitable, with a little imagination, of becoming presentable non-religious poetry, this can be achieved by simple editing of the texts in order to tease out the words not wanted and replacing them with alternatives, in some instances you may need to remove a line or two, or even perhaps a verse, don't be afraid to experiment should you find a poem that you like but needs some adjustments in order to fit in better with your particular ethos or circumstances (You might like to read the comment below for an example of this).

Semi-Religious Funeral Poetry Audio/Video

Some of the poems in this collection have audio or video/audio of the particular poem attached to them which is mainly sourced from Youtube and embedded in the page.
From time to time and for whatever reason, videos are sometimes removed by Youtube or the user, if you should come across a link in our semi-religious funeral poetry that has been removed we would really appreciate it if you let us know - Thanks.

If you think there is a particular poem that should be included in this collection of semi-religious funeral poetry that isn't, then why not suggest it, we are always happy to receive poetry suggestions from our visitors and we will do our best to include it as soon as we can.


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