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a multi-arched stone bridge over a riverLife and death are one, even as the river and sea are one
In the depth of your hopes and desires lies your silent
knowledge of the beyond;

I Cannot Think Of Them As Dead

Frederick L. Hosmer

I cannot think of them as dead,
Who walk with me no more;
Along the path of life I tread
They have but gone before.

The Father's House is mansioned fair,
Beyond my vision dim;
All souls are His, and here or there
Are living unto Him.

And still their silent ministry
Within my heart hath place,
As when on earth they walked with me,
And met me face to face.

Their lives are made forever mine;
What they to have been
Hath left henceforth its seal and sign
Engraven deep within.

Mine are they by an ownership
Nor time nor death can free;
For god hath given to love to keep
Its own eternally.

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