image of the suns raus through clouds in a blue skyI answer the heroic question
'Death, where is thy sting?' with 'it is here in my heart and mind and memories'.


black and white picture of a new orleans jazz funeralAlternative Funeral Music

As it's purely subjective, it's not very easy to describe what could be classed these days as alternative funeral music. It could be described as music that you would not normally associate with death, or expect to hear played at a funeral.

Alhough nowadays so-called alternative funeral music is becoming more popular. It is one way of causing a bit of a stir during the ceremony, thus making the occasion slightly different and therefore more memorable.

Often the choice of alternative funeral music fits in better with someone who perhaps had a very strong or quirky personality trait that is reflected in the style or lyric of the music chosen.



The alternative funeral music is split into three categories: Cynical, Fun-eral, and My Way? No Way!! Some of the artists and titles include: John Lennon (Working Class Hero) - Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here) -  Morecambe & Wise (Bring Me Sunshine) - James Bond Theme - Dale Evans & Roy Rogers (Happy Trails) - The Leningrad Cowboys (My Way) - Leonard Cohen (Closing Time) to name just a few.


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