Eulogy Example / Tribute

For your information and to help put things into perspective for this eulogy example:
This was a short non- religious cremation ceremony for a 87 year old gentleman, all persons and name places have been changed, the script was not read absolutely verbatim but allowed for poetic licence.

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Eulogy Example - Tribute to Tom

It was a great privilege for me to have once met Tom, I can remember the meeting very clearly, it was about 15 months ago, the main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the events of the last few days and how to proceed here today.

I can recall what a gentle gracious man he was with a warm sincere smile, he made my wife and I laugh out quite loudly on several occasions as he told us about his early life in Durham, which I might add, he could recall with great ease and clarity.

Thomas James-Barnes---Tom

Was born in the little mining village of South Hetton- Durham on the Date Of Birth and so began the life of the man that the people gathered here today were proud to call their father, their father in law, their brother, their grandfather, their great grandfather and also their friend.

Despite being born and brought up in a mining village and though his father was a miner, Tom wasn't allowed to follow in his fathers footsteps. Which was probably a good thing with Tom being an outdoors person who was fond of nature and wildlife, I don't think a dark damp coal mine would have suited him at all.

It was Tom's love of the countryside that brought him to Cleveland many years ago, due to his problems with his eyesight he was unable to enlist in the regular army, and he was drafted instead to the Civil Defence Land Army, coincidentally his first job in Cleveland was working on Dandy Platts Farm which was just over the back of the cemetery here.

Up until just very recently Tom had always been fit and active he liked most sports particularly cricket and the local football which he followed with great interest, Beth and Helen recalled how their dad loved the spectacle of hunting, and how when he retired, Tom and his friend Andy would follow the hunt on their bikes, carrying them over hedges and across ditches in order to keep up with the riders.

Tom was a well read articulate man, as many people have commented, he was an interesting man to listen and talk to, someone who could understand and appreciate your personal point of view.

Tom liked to read, indeed it was a favourite pastime for him and when his eyesight failed him he turned to talking books and newspapers from which he gained just as much pleasure.

The wonderful English countryside, Tom loved it and had a wide appreciation of it's natural beauty.

Though Tom did on several occasions travel abroad, Canada to see his brother Harvey and of course America to visit his daughter Judith, both of whom he adored, being the patriotic person he was, Bills holiday heart was in England, in particular the South West where many a Bee-line coach has taken him over the years.

I have already mentioned Harvey who Tom was particularly close to, and his daughter Judith who he dearly loved and was immensely proud of, both of whom are sadly no longer with us, but I would also like to mention Hettie's husband Willy sadly again no longer with us but not forgotten, him and Tom were great friends.

Tom was always a happy contented man he never wanted much out of life, just simple quiet pleasures, sharing his life with his beloved Sara and his children and grandchildren.

Tom was a very sociable person he had many friends, he was well liked and respected, he was someone you could trust and rely on, someone you could confide in and ask for advice.
Someone we have all had the great privilege of knowing.

"We must die we know" said a character in Shakespeare "tis but the time and drawing days out that men stand upon"

Tom died in the early evening of last Monday, I know he will be greatly missed by everyone who knew and loved him.

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