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For your information and to help put things into perspective for this eulogy example:
This was a semi-religious (prayers, readings from the bible and a hymn were included as part of the service) cremation ceremony for a 68 year old lady, all persons and name places have been changed, the script was not read absolutely verbatim but allowed for poetic licence.

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Eulogy Example - Tribute to Sandra

Sandra lived a quiet simple life; to her family, her friends and other people around her she gave much, but asked for very little in return.

The deep love and sincere affection for Sandra is undeniable, and I hope that David won't mind that what follows was not written by me but by him, I would like to read it exactly as it was written, and I can do so safe in the knowledge that there is not a single phrase or word that I could say that would express any better the feelings and sentiments shared here this afternoon.

This is it, -- it's headed;

A few thoughts about Sandra,
A very special lady who became my second mother.

I have only known Sandra for a few short years and I know there are friends and family who have known her for much longer and better than me. However she had a big impact on my life and I became very close to her in that time.

Sandra had no need for airs and graces, what you saw was what you got, and what you got was a big warm smile, genuine and full of love.
She had strong principles that she believed in and lived by but she was never judgemental and loved people for what they were.
She was slow to anger and quick to understand and I never heard her have a cross word with anyone or criticise others, and I don't know anyone else who did either.

Sandra didn't have expensive tastes or live a flashy lifestyle, but she knew what was important to her, and that was her family. Luxury, to her, was having her daughters and their families round for Sunday dinner.
And as her family grew, she remained the nucleus of it, a focus of love and affection that radiated out and touched those of us who were privileged to know her.

She leaves behind the wonderful legacy of a close-knit, caring family, and we owe it to her to carry on supporting and looking after one another, showing the same love that she did, so that our memories of her will not fade, but rather grow fonder as time goes by.

Sandra wasn't one to make a fuss, but she was always there for us. She liked simple pleasures in life, but life dealt her a cruel blow and her time to go came far too soon, both for her and those who loved her.

She loved to sit in her living room with a cup of the weakest black tea, watching her favourite TV programmes. A good action film, her daily dose of Countdown; Perry Mason, Petrocelli and Murder she Wrote, were among her favourites. She even bore a resemblance to Angela Lansbury!
Often she would sit with us and watch The Simpsons, even though she pretended not to like it. And as long as her family was around her, she endured many a football match, and even MTV and The Box when the grand-kids got hold of the remote.

When alone, she was an avid reader of romantic fiction and loved to listen to Michael Ball, The Carpenters and Mario Lanza.
Even up to her final few weeks, her main concern was not for herself, but how Annie and Pam would cope with their loss when she went.
She was immensely proud of their achievements and so happy that they were both secure in their family life.
She adopted Des and I into her family and we both adored her.
Her grandchildren loved and looked up to her.

In recent months she made a big impression on the nurses and doctors who treated her, amazing them, and us, with her strength and courage, and her cheery, positive outlook. She had nothing but praise for them and was always so grateful for their efforts.
It just seems so very unfair to lose one who was able to bring so much joy to those around her, but we are glad that she no longer suffers the pain she was wracked with in her last few months.

We all have many happy memories of Sandra and these we must hold dear in our hearts and cherish them, as she cherished us.


This was a card from Amy sent to Sandra last month, I would like to read a short section from it as an example of the strong depth of feeling for Sandra.

Dearest Sandra
I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that you are very much in our thoughts. I know you have lots of love and support around you from your lovely family, but a little more is being sent from the Wiltshire branch!!
You have been through so much these last few months and you must be so tired of being poked and prodded and messed about with.
But your cheerful and loving spirit has endured through it all and your smiling face is in my mind as I write this.
I wish there was something to make all your pain and suffering go away, but despite all that, you show us all what love is and that the quality of our relationships is what matters.
You are very much loved by everyone around you, and even though we are not near you at the moment, we love you too.

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