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For your information and to help put things into perspective for this eulogy example:
This was a short and simple non- religious cremation ceremony for a 70 year old lady, all persons and name places have been changed, the script was not read absolutely verbatim, but allowed for poetic licence.

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Eulogy Example - Tribute to Sally

Sally was the third of 11 children born to her parents Sarah & Richard.
Growing up during the depression of the 1930's in Glasgow was no bed of roses, times were hard, and it often boiled down to the survival of the fittest.
So as a child Sally developed a very strong character and will of her own, she was often at odds with her parents over certain aspects of her behaviour.

One of her favourite pastimes as a youngster was playing cards, usually for money, James, her younger brother would often act as lookout while Sally played, the winnings, if there was any, was shared and then usually spent by both of them, and I was told, thoroughly enjoyed.
Sally considered the gambling to be worth the risk; pocket money days were few and far between and needed subsidising.

At the age of 18 Sally met Name, in keeping with her stubborn personality and against the advice of her parents they were married.
As Sally was soon to find out, it was not a marriage made in heaven spending almost all of her time alone struggling to bring up and look after nine children, and sadly losing one in infancy.

Sally has had to face many hardships in her life, but she has battled on against all adversity, always continuing to display great courage and a truly fierce independent nature.
Sally was often heard to say, "If you make your own bed, you lie in it", she certainly never shirked away from that responsibility.

For the best part of the last 30 years Sally has lived in the Area Name area of Darlington, she has always been a well thought of and respected person with a lot of friends, she regularly attended the Tuesday club where she enjoyed a good gossip, a game of bingo, and the social outings.

Sally's eldest Granddaughter, Margaret, lived with her until the onset of her illness; one of Sally's greatest wishes was to see Margaret settled in a home of her own. Fortunately she lived to see that particular wish become a reality.

It was during the latter part of Sally's life that she was able to spread her wings and travel, she made several trips to Australia, and she also made numerous trips to the continent, one being to a place in Greece called "Bodrum", on her return when asked "how was your holiday"? she replied, "I've been to boredom".

It was my privilege to meet with Sally earlier this year in April, I was immediately taken by her resolute and cavalier attitude to her imminent death, and puffing on her cigarette she informed me "I'm dying, but it's nothing to do with smoking, so I'm just going to keep on smoking and enjoying it".

Apart from talking about her funeral arrangements, I can recall that the other topic of conversation was her feelings of guilt regarding her illness, and how she wished that she wasn't such a burden to Susan.

Sally had some very specific wishes regarding her funeral, and she was in full control of all the decision making regarding the arrangements.
Sally particularly requested a closed coffin, and it was her wish that when she reached the final stages of her illness, there were to be no visitors apart from her children.
Her intention was not to hurt or offend, but to be allowed to die in peace and with dignity; she felt that to control ones own destiny as much as possible was paramount.

Though it must have been very difficult at times, I hope Susan will gain some comfort from knowing she was able to carry out Sally's wishes, as I'm sure Sally gained comfort in knowing that she would.

There are far too many people to mention here today, but she wishes you all a fond farewell, and she told me if there is life after death where all is revealed, she will endeavour to pass on Saturday's winning lottery numbers to you.

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