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In memory of Jacqueline Perez. - 1937-2009

by Sandy Gurgul

This is one of the hardest things I believe I have ever had to do. I was up most of the night thinking "are there any words good enough to speak of our Beloved Jacqui".
She would have been overwhelmed by all the beautiful flowers, she would have been overwhelmed by the magnificent video her children created. Most of all she would have been overwhelmed by all the love of her family and friends in this room today that are here to celebrate her life.

Jacqui loved life and lived each day to its fullest. She always danced to her own step. Jacqui fought her disease harder and more courageous than anyone I have ever known.
That fight sadly ended on Labor Day, what a coincidence.
Jacqui is irreplaceable.
I cannot think of anyone that did not adore her.
If you close your eyes and look back, prior to a week or so ago I bet the last time you seen Jacqui, she was smiling. She had an infectious smile & laugh, great style, wit, and generosity like no other.
There was never a doubt where you could go on a holiday. Jacqui would welcome everyone into her home with open arms, plenty of food, and you were guaranteed a good party.
As her youngest sister I knew her all my life. Ever since I was a little girl she was there for me and me for her as we grew older. We called each other "Sis" and whenever I would buy anything stunning I would always buy 2. One for me and one for her. Sis was so appreciative of everything large or small.

Being the humble person she was I feel she would be amazed by the amount of tears, sadness and tremendous loss we feel here today.
She brought true joy into my life in good times and bad. Her life was not always a walk in the park but her coping mechanisms were just remarkable.
Jacqui always knew the true meaning of "Family" and her most precious gift to us was unconditional love and support.
She was tireless as when she worked in the automotive Industry for so many years of her life.
She and I worked side by side with 2 different companies. Her last job being EDS where her desk was just over the wall from my own.
Jacqui was constantly inspiring and helping others and always with a smile. On Fridays she loved "Happy Hour"!
We bowled on 3 different leagues together every week with one being a classic league. Jacqui loved competition and with about a 168 bowling average she would out shine herself on many occasions rolling a 250 game or better.

Most important to her was her precious family, and her friends. She was a proud woman with integrity right up to the end of her life here on earth.
Her signature style was her recent hats, her many rings she would always wear, the colors turquoise and teal, and of course never with out her earrings.
No matter how bad a situation she would always find words to make you feel a little better.
Jacqui touched thousands of people. Jacqui was a fun loving gal brightened our lives with her smile and grace.

I know she wasn't prepared for this and our family as well. God has His own special plan for her life now. We may not understand it but that's how the cycle of life works. Life is full of mysteries.
Today, we are gathered here for funeral and honor of Jacqueline.
We thank everyone who has attended in Jacqui's memory.
We are confident that Jacqui is now with our creator. She will be in our hearts forever. I thank you my Sister Jacqui that I became part of your life journey and it has been my privilege to have you as my big sister.

Jacqui Loved and was most proud of her children, Mike, Glenn, Lora and Mark. A surprise visit from her grandchildren would light up her face. She recently told me she could not have asked for a better daughter-in-law than she had in Kim. (And I find it incredible that Sis waited to see her only daughter Lora just before Sis entered eternal life).

We never really had to worry because Jacqui worried enough for all of us. Her husband Louie was the love of her life for the past 27 years.
May God bless all of you and grant you comfort.

Some of her favorite things:
Dancing till dawn, bowling, power shopping, crossword puzzles, music, foot massages, her home in Sterling Heights, her home in Texas, and of course a good party "Jacqui style"..

Favorite saying lately: was simply "Yae" when she agreed with something you said.
My big sister is now my guardian angel.

We love all of you. And Jacqueline loved all of you.

Jacqui and I shared a very special relationship which I will always hold close in my heart. If she could hear me up here right now, I know exactly what she would say. It would be along the lines of "Yae, oh wow! Thank you so much Sis for everything that is just so nice, I love you too so you can go sit down now".
The Wind beneath My Wings, and my "Hero" That was my friend and my sister
Jacqui and I will miss her forever.

Sandy Gurgul

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