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For your information and to help put things into perspective for this eulogy example:
This was a mainly non- religious ceremony for a 36 year old man who died suddenly and unexpectedly due to a severe brain haemorrhage, all persons and name places have been changed, the script was not read absolutely verbatim but allowed for poetic licence.
The actual ceremony took place in the deceased's local pub and was followed by burial in a nearby cemetery, the ceremony was actually a bit longer than this short tribute suggests.
We have included some of the other phrases that also formed part of the ceremony at the end of the eulogy.

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Eulogy Example - Tribute to Barry

I never had the pleasure of knowing Barry, but I have spent some time with his family, his wife Judith and his two children, Alice and James, and I have been left with a very clear impression of the kind of person that he was.

Barry wasn't one for too much fuss or ceremony so I won't go on for too long, and I will be keeping to his more recent past because that is something you will all be more familiar with.

Barry Davison was born in Name Of City on Date Of Birth, and so began the life of the man that the people gathered here today were proud to call their husband, their father, their son, their brother and their friend.

Barry and Judith met in Name Of Town 14 years ago; he was then, and always was, a solid, reliable all-round good guy, someone you felt at ease with, someone that you instinctively knew you could trust and rely on.
Barry was a well-liked and respected man, he had many friends and although he didn't see them as often as he used to, they still kept in touch with each other, safe in the unspoken knowledge that they were there for each other if needed.

Barry's life was his family, they meant more to him than anything, a home loving family man, Judith recalled that he even gave up on a short spell of working away from home in Dartmouth, because he missed his family too much.

One of Barry's main hobbies was photography; he enjoyed altering the focus and filters of his photographs to create special effects, he also enjoyed portrait photography, and not that you need it, but there is evidence of his obvious love and devotion to his family by the many high quality and professional standard photographs of them in their house.

Barry was a bit of a perfectionist in everything he did, he liked things to be just so. Barry liked to do technical drawings; he was extremely meticulous and went to great lengths to ensure that every detail was correct, every line had to be perfectly straight or parallel with another, every curve had to have the correct radius. This was his professionalism.

Judith told me that Barry had a wide range of musical taste and appreciation of music, this was confirmed when I glanced briefly over his record and C.D. collection, Judith said that even when simply listening to music, it had to be just right, Barry would adjust the speakers and alter the controls until he got it just right for him to listen to and enjoy.

Barry's Trade was a plater, it was mainly contract work and for the past six months he had been working for Company Name, it was a job he enjoyed doing, although he would have preferred it to be a bit more challenging, I'm sure there were hidden talents within him, just waiting to be exposed.

Barry followed motorbike and formula 1 racing and would watch it whenever he had the opportunity, one of his claims to fame was that he actually drove a motorbike around the Donnington track, only falling off the once.

Barry wasn't into physical sports, he preferred and enjoyed more leisurely activities like pool and snooker. Up until just recently when it all got a bit too much for him, as well as his own work, Barry did voluntary work, driving for the physically handicapped and able-bodied club.

I wrote this short tribute to Barry yesterday afternoon, but somehow it lost a little of its impact when I read the notice in last nights Gazette, I don't know who it was from and I don't know if they are here this afternoon, but it was for Barry, and it said quite simply.
"a really cool bloke"- "a really cool bloke" If I had dispensed with everything else and just stood here and repeated those four words, that would have told you all you needed to know.
I asked Alice if she had something that she would particularly like me to say about her dad, she didn't even have to think about it, she looked me straight in the eye and said, "Everybody loved him".

Barry died last Friday afternoon in the bosom of his family I know he will be greatly missed by everyone who knew and loved him.

We will shortly spend a few moments in silence and you can each remember Barry in your own special way, and afterwards James is going to lead us in The Lords Prayer.
Perhaps also during this quiet time we can spare a special thought and offer our sympathy our love and support to Barry's family, his wife Judith, Alice and James his two children, Chrissy & Ron his mum and dad and his sister Pat.

Eulogy Example - End


When someone who has lived a long and fulfilled life dies, it's befitting and appropriate that we should give thanks for, and celebrate their life.

When someone is taken from us, as Barry was, in the prime of their life, understandably we are not as comfortable with words and phrases that point towards a celebration of their life.
Immense anger, deep hurt, inconsolable grief, rage, disbelief, these are just a few of the words and feelings that are associated with thoughts of Barry's death.

But hidden in all the pain and sorrow that we feel.
There is undeniably something to celebrate.

We can celebrate the fact that we have known Barry, though he is no longer with us we can celebrate that we were privileged and honoured to have known him.
That he was a part of our lives.


So we meet here today to honour and pay tribute to Barry and to express our love and admiration for him, and in doing so I hope that we can bring some form of comfort to those of his family and friends who are here, and who have been deeply hurt by his untimely death.

The catastrophe of death cannot be altered, but it can be transformed by love.
We are here to share our grief, so I hope you will not feel ashamed or embarrassed to weep openly if this is a help.
And perhaps you will feel glad that you took the opportunity to do some of your grieving in the presence of others who have known and loved Barry.

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