single white rose in memory of Cody TaylorEach Day - Graham Allaway

Dedicated to the precious memory of Cody Taylor

Each day since we first lost you
Life is not the same,
Each day we search for reasons
Each day we call your name.

Each day we feel the pain
And the hurt that will not heal,
Each day we ask the sky
To please make this not real.

Each day we look for answers
To the endless questions why,
Each day we bow our heads
With another tear to cry.

But each day we're reminded
Of the joy that you would bring,
Each day we still remember
How you brightened everything.

Each day we hear you laughing
With that smile upon your face,
Each day we hear you playing
And your spirit we embrace.

So each day we live on
We will never be apart,
For in each day that passes
You're forever in our hearts.

Sweet dreams little one, sleep tight.

Graham Allaway - May 2009

This is a poem that I wrote myself following the tragic death of my God Daughter in April this year, she had her ninth birthday less than a week before she died from Asthma.
Several members of the family have asked for copies and if it will provide some comfort for others as well then I would be happy for it to be used.

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