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Unfortunately, there may be a time when you come across the profile of a colleague, classmate, or loved one who has passed away. If this happens, we can close that person's account and remove their profile on your behalf. We'll need you to gather:

  • The member's name
  • The URL to their LinkedIn profile
  • Your relationship to them
  • Member's email address
  • Date they passed awayLink to obituary
  • Company they most recently worked at

To start this process, please answer some questions about the person who has passed away by filling out this form. After you fill out this form, it will be automatically sent to us for review and we'll be in touc

Who can notify them?

Anyone who knew the deceased can contact LinkedIn. They must fill out the online form.

Contacting LinkedIn

For Members in the United States:
LinkedIn Corporation Attn: Privacy Policy Issues
2029 Stierlin Court
Mountain View, CA 94043

For Members outside the United States:
LinkedIn Ireland Attn: Privacy Policy Issues
Wilton Plaza
Wilton Place, Dublin 2

Online Link

To ciontact them online use this link:

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