Coroners and inquests

After an unexplained, violent, unnatural or sudden death there may be a post-mortem and an inquest which is led by a Coroner to establish the facts. This may not take place until some considerable time after the death. Consequently it can be very stressful for the relatives of the deceased. This can be exacerbated further if the circumstances of the death attracts media attention.

Inquest is a charity that provides help and advice for those facing an inquest. Copies of the Handbook are available free to any bereaved person from the INQUEST office and can also be read online.
For some bereaved parents, the inquest can help bring some form of closure. But for others, it may be simply one part of some protracted legal proceedings as they strive to obtain justice. What is certain is that all bereaved parents, particularly those who find themselves drawn in to fulfilling legal requirements, need the non-judgemental care and support from those around them. You may find this resource sheet ‘How You Can Help Bereaved Parents’ helpful.
Information on Coroners, post-mortems and inquests do can be found at
Care for the family provides bereavement support.


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