a single white rose
All the Lovely memories that you have left behind
Bring me so much comfort, but still I always find
However good the memories, they always make me weep
I've cried a thousand teardrops since the day you fell asleep
The brightest star in the Heavens tonight
Is our beautiful baby saying "Night night"
Sweet baby sleep, and nothing fear
In my heart you're always near
I'll never understand it
It was all so very brief
Why someone so little
The pain, the hurt, the grief
At first I felt so bitter
Why?.. I used to say
God knew how much I loved you
But He still took you away
I still miss you as much today
But now I understand
God makes us and it's up to Him when He takes our hand

Sweet baby sleep, and nothing fear
In my heart you're always near

Golden slumbers, kiss your eyes
Sleep pretty babe, while I sing a lullaby

How dearly we loved you
And prayed that you might live
But Jesus just beckoned
And we had to give

Not gone from daddy's memory
Not gone from mommy's love
But gone to shine with Jesus
In His beautiful home above

Find peace in sleep my pretty one
Sleep my sweet baby sleep
He has gone to be an Angel
Secure in our Fathers care
And his dear little feet now patter along
The beautiful streets up there

a single white rose
May little Jesus ever bless
May Mary Mother him caress
May Joseph stay with him all day
May Angels around him ever play

A tiny flower, lent not given
To bud on earth and bloom in Heaven

Gentle Jesus up above
Please give........ all our love

Our lady wished a pretty flower
To lay at Jesus' feet
Her choice was of the fairest
A lily pure and sweet

He gazed amid the little ones
And stopped to pick the best
Dear...... was the chosen one
With Jesus now she rests

Say a little prayer Lord
Send it with our love
Send it to our baby
Sleeping up above

We have only your memory dear baby
To last our whole lives through
But the sweetness will linger forever
As we treasure the image of you

A little lamb too sweet and pure
Upon this earth to roam
An angel came and took his hand
And led our baby home

A lily of a day
Is fairer far in may
Although it fall and die that night
It was the plant and flower of light

What child is this, who, laid to rest
On Mary's lap is sleeping
Whom angels greet with anthems sweet
While shepherds watch are keeping

a single white rose
Eyes that twinkle sunshine
A face that breaks your heart
That special look of innocence
Remains while we're apart
We had you for a short while
But you brought so many joys
Now play in peace our baby
Enjoy your angel toys
Time will bring us comfort
While waiting for the day
When we will be together again
Not just a whisper away