Lord our God,
you are always faithful and quick to show mercy.
- - - - - - - . was suddenly (and violently) taken from us.
Come swiftly to his/her aid,
have mercy on him/her,
and comfort his/her family and friends
by the power of the cross.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Merciful God,
hear the cries of our grief,
for you know the anguish of our hearts.
It is beyond our understanding
and more than we can bear.
Accept our prayer
that as - - - - - - has been released from this world's cruelty
so may he/she be received
into your safe hands and secure love.
We pray that justice may be done
and that we may treasure the memory of his/her life
more than the manner of his/her death.
For Christ's sake. 

God of love,
we thank you that - - - - - -  is in your gentle and loving hands,
far from the cruelty, violence and pain of our world.
When the trouble was near,
we could not understand how you seemed
to remain far away.
And yet it is to you we turn;
for in life and death
it is you alone whom we can trust,
and yours alone is the love that holds us fast.
We find it hard to forgive the deed
that has brought us so much grief.
But we know that, if life is soured by bitterness,
an unforgiving spirit brings no peace.
Lord, save us and help us.
Strengthen in us the faith and hope that - - - - - - -
is freed from the past with all its hurt,
and rests for ever in the calm security of your love,
in Jesus Christ our Lord. 






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