Eternal God,
our life is a fleeting shadow that does not endure.
Our years pass quickly,
our days are few and full of trouble.
We thank you that - - - - - - -  - no longer has to suffer pain or fear,
grappling with death, fighting for life;
and that for him/her
limitations are ended,
weakness is overcome,
and death itself is conquered.
As he/she passes from our earthly sight,
we thank you for the years of his/her presence among us.
And while we feel the pain of the parting,
we rejoice in the faith that he/she has gone to be with you,
for in your presence is the fullness of joy,
at your right hand are pleasures for evermore.
Bless those who had the care of him/her,
especially doctors, nurses and technicians.
Guide and prosper all who are engaged in
medical research:
may they never lose heart
in their search to discover the way of health and healing.
Grant that by their vision and courage
we may advance in our understanding of the world
and be better able to help those in need.


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